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Back in the USA

Belstaff is back in New York. Get to know our home in the Meatpacking District – a community hub and makers meeting place nestled alongside the distinctive Belgian blocks of Gansevoort Street.

We’ve been outfitting adventurous spirits – from motorcycle legends and sporting icons to movie stars and revolutionaries – since 1924. For a hundred years we’ve been makers and innovators of apparel that’s built for life on the road less travelled.

Our new store brings Belstaff back into the city that never sleeps, providing a new home for the iconic outerwear and dependable outfitting that we’ve come to be known for. But that’s not all. Inside, you can upcycle pieces from the Belstaff archive that have been tumbled in a unique process to give each a unique look and feel, customise them with patches, laser engraving, embroidery and more.

The store also stocks a range of exclusive limited products, including vintage denim and military bags sourced within the United States, a range of vintage Belstaff products, and
New York-specific offerings such as t-shirts and bandanas by designers Fred DiMeglio
and Glenn Wolk.

The Workshop

At the heart of our New York store is the workshop, where Belstaff’s rewax and repair service reaches new heights. In a space inspired by the neighbourhood’s working heritage, stop and see our artisans restore Belstaff products – all built for life – or roll up your sleeves and learn from the best, picking up practical skills that have been passed down and adapted generation by generation.

In the new store you’ll find a pair of benches built with timber reclaimed from the East River by Jimmy DiResta. Born and raised in New York state, DiResta has been a designer, builder and maker all of his life, and was one of the first to come on board with Belstaff – not just providing a place to sit, but also introducing a unique custom laser-engraving process that can be applied the waxed cotton we’re known for. But this very special customisation is just one of many that will be available in-store.

If getting your hands on something that’s uniquely your own appeals, the opportunities don’t end there. The new store will be the first in the world to provide more services than Belstaff’s usual rewax and repair options – a range of other unique customisations are also available. Chain stitch embroidery is one of six on offer, alongside custom laser-engraving, that allows you to add a personal touch while you’re visiting the workshop. Carefully embroidered by hand using a turn-of-the-century chain stitch machine that’s operated by a crank, this ancient apparatus will leave a meaningful and long-lasting mark.

For all the services on offer, including Build your own Belstaff, cast an eye over the workshop menu below – a maker’s menu which you can also find hand-painted in pride of place in the workshop on Gansevoort Street.


+1 (917) 4107079


At the heart of our workshop are a team of makers who have shared their skills with Belstaff to make the workshop a truly unique place to visit. Click below to find out more.

Christine Rucci

Worn Wear & Customisation

Fred DiMeglio

Screen Printing

Jimmy Diresta

Laser Engraving

Victoria Adrian

Chain Stitch Embroidery