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Timeless style with contemporary vision

The partner piece to 2018’s Introducing collection, the women’s Introducing capsule is, you might say, cut from the same cloth. Taking inspiration from a rich and detailed past in order to map a new route for the future, it casts an eye back over the Belstaff archives in order to rediscover silhouettes shot through with innovation and functionality and revisit them through a modern lens.

Classic inspiration meets modern innovation once again.

The Garrison Jacket

We begin in the 1930s, a time when Belstaff was outfitting the likes of Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson as they took to the skies. The Garrison Coat brings military styling front and centre in a timeless, three-quarter length silhouette. Based on the classic Storm coat style, the Garrison isn’t weighed down by its history – sturdy cotton, unlined and seam sealed, ensure that this enduring design doesn’t come with unnecessary baggage.

The Trail Jacket

The Journey Jacket, on the other hand, has the hard-wearing fabric of 1950s panniers and travel bags at the very heart of its design. The resulting, closely woven cotton canvas has resilience built in, while hand-waxed bridle leather trim gives a subtle, eye-catching clue as to the design’s origin. The secret to this style’s success is heavy laundering, which gives a broken-in feel to make sure the jacket remains easy-to-wear while standing up to the rigorous demands of life’s adventures.

The Cooper Jacket

Staying in the 1950s, we come to the clean lines of the women’s Cooper Jacket. The pointed collar and simple silhouette of the scooter jacket gained near-universal approval at the time from both bikers and early-adopter mods, and it’s easy to see why. The point collar is evocative of the era, and adds to the classic feel, but with hand-crafted, full-grain luxe calfskin and a refined, slim cut, this is a new, timeless silhouette.

The same is true of the Rider Trouser’s tailored, tapered design. Form and function blend in a style that sees biker-inspired zip detailing on a modern fabric – in this case a stretch twill – bringing freedom of movement to a contemporary twist. The colour palette throughout the collection is intimate, earthy and warm: browns, greys, deep indigo all perfectly paired, bringing coherent character to a collection that feels personal and full of purpose.

The rest of the capsule follows the same lead – classic styles reimagined for modern times with a sense of continuity at their core. The women’s Remmie Shirt revisits the ever-versatile Western shirt, while the Clara Henley and Harbour Roll Neck both complement the whole with clean, contoured lines and a soft, comfort-led feel.

Introducing is a timeless mix of outerwear, knitwear, trousers and shirts that provide contemporary outlines with a direct lineage to the past. Because when we familiarise ourselves with the past, we see more clearly what we can be.