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#TRAILBLAZERS with Pete Halvorsen

Teaming up with DETAILS magazine to investigate the crucial art of slowing down, travel photographer Pete Halvorsen assimilates the importance of precision when pausing, both on and off-duty.

Half-Greek and half-Norwegian, Pete Halvorsen is based in the Los Angeles coastal town of Manhattan Beach. His photography aspires to catch recognisable, real-life moments – a non-traditional style in which a single snapshot is able to say so much, speak so loudly. Such an attentive approach rendered Pete the perfect #trailblazers subject for Belstaff, eschewing the same attention to detail as the Tunstall jacket he wears.

“I love its look and feel, and yet it’s also practical and durable. I particularly appreciate knowing that it’ll never constrict my movement: I recently wore it while shooting L.A. from a helicopter.”

Before carefully preparing for each frame, Pete takes a 360-degree swivel of the environment to stay grounded in the moment. Not that it always goes to plan.

“When it comes to actually pushing that button, all the planning gets thrown on the window, my blood starts pumping and the excitement of capturing that single image still excites me every time.”

To layer under the Tunstall jacket, Pete chose the Fornham t-shirt from the Beckham for Belstaff collection.

“Well-made t-shirts go with so many outfits. The Fornham is soft, yet the strong crew neck doesn’t lose shape under a jacket.”

After long travel assignments or between shoots, Pete places emphasis on slowing down. But don’t think there isn’t a camera around his neck all the while…

“I love spending time at the ocean. Paddleboarding is a great way to unwind, and to get a beautiful workout. The Pacific also makes for a nice place to take pictures…I guess I can’t ever stop doing that.”